Our Current Selections

The coffees below will be roasting in the coming weeks. Click on a coffee to learn more, and see when it's going to be available to the club.



Gitesi, Rwanda

Strawberry, Red Currant, Caramel

Gitesi #1


Stone fruit, Apple, Floral

Intibuca, Honduras

Classic: El Picacho #2


Intibuca, Honduras

Mango, Jasmine, Floral

El Cedro 2022


Papaya, Guava, Almond Brittle

Intibuca, Honduras

El Matazano


Guji, Ethiopia

Peach, Tea, Passionfruit

Hambela Wamena #1


Raspberry, Plum, Red Grape

Intibuca, Honduras

Las Mandarinas


Stone Fruit, Apple, Floral

Intibuca, Honduras

El Duranzno #2


Papaya, Raspberry, Vanilla

Intibuca, Honduras

La Quebrada


Nyeri, Kenya

Cherries, Berries, IPA

PB Ruarai #097


Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Black cherry, Dark chocolate, Floral

Tasting Series: El Refugio


Apple, Almond, Milk Chocolate

Intibuca, Honduras


Choosing Your Coffee

For a view of what's coming soon, you can visit your schedule to see your upcoming subscription fulfillment days. We'll select something tasty based on the reviews of past brews you've enjoyed to send your way - but you can also pick your favorite if you like!

What if I need more coffee?

If you have friends visiting or just need extra coffee, you can purchase additional shipments of coffee by clicking "Add another shipment on this day". This lets us know that you want an extra bag in addition to your regular subscription shipment. Another order will appear in your schedule, and you can choose which coffee you'd like for it.

What if I need coffee on a week I'm not scheduled?

No worries - it's easy to be included! Just flip the switch from "skip" to "ship" and we'll have coffee headed your way.

**You can update your schedule anytime, but we process orders on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays at 6PM ET, so make your changes by then for the upcoming roast!**