Gift A Coffee Delivery

Give the gift of better mornings with a membership to Moustache Coffee Club.

We've worked hard to make the gifting process super simple. Just select the configuration you'd like and we'll email the recipient and get them set up.

You prepay for the gift and when the credit is used up the deliveries stop. Simple. If the recipient wants to change their plan to more frequent or less frequent or even change the bag size that's fine with us, but it doesn't change what you pay. Your commitment is limited to this one off charge.

We have a flat rate for our bags based on size (one for 12oz and one for 6oz) so the receiver can change frequency or size without issue. If they'd rather have their coffee once a week for 3 months or every other week for 6 months they can seamlessly change that in their account (with no price difference). They can even select from our Tasting Series (high end Geishas , Auction winners and other rare coffees) and it just counts as a shipment.

Customize Your Gift

1. Select a plan and duration, write the recipient a personalized note, let us know when we should email their gift, and we'll handle the rest!

2. On the date you select, we'll send your note to the recipient, along with a link where they can set up their coffee preferences and enter their preferred shipping address.

3. Fresh, delicious, premium whole bean coffee arrives at their house a few days later, all thanks to you!