Watermelon, Grape, Stone Fruit

Watermelon, Grape, Stone Fruit

Item information

Buku Sayisa

Item information

Guji, Ethiopia


Variety: Heirloom

Processing: Washed

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Producers: SNAP Coffee

Altitude: 2000-2500M


Buku Sayisa means blessed valley and is the name of the valley where this coffee was produced. Guji, Ethiopia is one of the most exciting coffee producing regions in the world, due in part to its rich history of cultivation, heirloom varieties, and superb growing conditions. Buku has some of the highest elevated coffee growing areas in Ethiopia with an altitude of 2,350 meters above sea level. The altitude creates an environment that produces dense, flavorful beans with complex cup profiles. Farm plots in the area are scattered across the uneven terrain and the farmers will deliver the season's cherry harvest by horseback.

Buku Sayisa is a wonderfully complex, well-structured coffee. We are tasting juicy watermelon with ripe stone fruit notes, and the bite of tart grapes. There is also a pleasing tinge of orange blossom throughout the cup. We are thrilled to enjoy this special coffee with the club.

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