Milk Chocolate, Dates, Passion Fruit

Milk Chocolate, Dates, Passion Fruit

Item information

Desvelado Decaf 2024

Item information

Huila, Colombia


Variety: Colombia, Castillo

Processing: Washed, Sugercane Decaf

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Producers: Multiple Small Partners

Altitude: 1450-1750M

Acevedo is a town located in the south-east corner of the Huila department of Colombia. It is nestled in the fork where the Andes mountain range splits into 3 regions. The resulting elevation changes and micro-climates create the opportunity to grow amazing and diverse cup profiles. This coffee represents the best of the producers in the surrounding area. To create the lot, the town held a cupping competition with physical criteria and scoring requirements to bring out the best coffee. The idea was to showcase not only the variety of flavors of the region, but a delicious decaffeinated option to boot.

Acevedo coffees are incredibly interesting, whether they’re grown at the higher or lower part of the elevation range. We are tasting smooth milk chocolate followed with a punch of intense dried fruit sweetness, then finishing with a nice mellow tropical fruit. This coffee makes a sweet, complex and fruited cup. Pleasant sipper.

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