Malt Syrup, Date Sugar, Dried Fruit

Malt Syrup, Date Sugar, Dried Fruit

Item information

Senna Katta Decaf

Item information

Limu Kossa, Jimma, Ethiopia


Variety: Heirloom

Processing: Swiss Mountain Process Decaffeinated

Origin: Limu Kossa, Jimma, Ethiopia

Producers: Senna Katta Mountain

Altitude: 2300 m

Score: 87

This is another Swiss Water Process decaf from Jimma in Ethiopia. We've been leaning heavily on South/Central American decafs for the last while so I thought I'd change it up with a little something special for our Decaf lovers.

This coffee is super sweet and I think that's a good thing! We are getting lots of agave & date sweetness with a touch of bittersweet chocolate.

Again, this is a decaf coffee, if you don't have decaf set in your preferences you won't get auto assigned this coffee - but you will be able to select it :)

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4.5 out of 5

First foray into decaf

This was surprisingly good. It's still noticeably different in that way decaf is, but still pleasant

Erik Hons


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April '17