Papaya, Raspberry, Vanilla

Papaya, Raspberry, Vanilla

Item information

La Quebrada

Item information

Intibuca, Honduras


Variety: IH90, Aramosa

Processing: Washed

Origin: Intibuca, Honduras

Producers:Ignacio Masariegos

Altitude: 1750M

Ignacio Masariegos purchased his farm La Quebrada in 2009 and started out producing commodity-grade coffee. During the height of harvest, Ignacio has 12 people helping pick coffee - including several family members - and he employs two workers year-round to help maintain the land and tend to the coffee plants. A few years ago, he switched to producing more expensive and labor-intensive specialty coffee, which made the farm much more profitable. He's selling his coffee for higher prices to Nordic Approach, which has allowed him to improve his home and build a storage facility on-site for his harvested coffee. He's happy that coffee lovers all around the world have a chance to drink his coffee - and we're excited to share his hard work with the club.

This lot from La Quebrada is bright and exciting - with notes of raspberry and papaya setting a high-energy tone right off the bat. We don't often see such tropical notes from a washed coffee - but this lot is giving us all sorts of fruity tartness! There's also a mellow vanilla floral note that helps smooth things out and makes a more well-rounded brew. Enjoy!

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