Tea, Citrus, Tropical Fruit, Raisin

Tea, Citrus, Tropical Fruit, Raisin

Item information

Samii Bensa #1 23

Item information

Bensa, Nensebo, Sidamo, Ethiopia


Variety: Heirloom

Processing: Washed

Origin: Zone: Sidamo / West Arsi , Region: Nensebo Village: Bensa

Producers: Testi Coffee

Altitude: 1950 - 2000

Score: 88

This is another cracking washed Ethiopian coffee. Lots of tropical fruit and citrus with a delicate tea like backbone that accentuates the florals.

Bensa is a washing station located in Sidamo with 800 active farmer members who deliver cherries. This washing station is owned by Testi Coffee Exporters. Most of these farmers in this region work on small plots of land. Coffee is the main cash crop alongside food crops such as corn, grain and bananas, under the shade of native Birbira, Wanza, and Acacia trees.

This coffee is tealike with amazing clarity. It has layers of complex citrus and delicate tropical fruit and a raisin like sweetness. We are getting intense fruity and sirupy sweetness and a super juicy and refreshing acidity.

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5.0 out of 5


One of my all time favorites

On 04/28/23 Sean Reilly said

Glad you enjoyed it Michael

Michael Luciani


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December '20